My daughter was asked in a recent interview whether she thought blog tours were effective for promoting books.

“What’s a blog?” she responded.

Well, that answered that question. Blogs must not be very useful with promotional efforts aimed at twelve-year-olds, at least not with my twelve-year-old, who reads and buys twice as many books as I do.

Of course, adults who read blogs also buy books for their twelve-year-olds and other kids, so the blog tour may help us there.

I’m still trying to get used to the concept myself.

We’re in the final stages of converting my three websites into one, and as part of that process, the informational columns that I wrote about researching history and writing in the midst of family life are now becoming part of my blog.

I would have preferred a more substantial name. A “blog” sounds a monster from a B grade movie or something you use to unclog a drain. Like I should be working on it with a toilet plunger rather than a keyboard.

Oh well. I didn’t create the framework – I’m just trying to use it.

I had my official round of training today, so now I have no excuse not to write regularly and clean up the existing entries and webpages.

Who am I kidding? No excuses – ha! My life is one long list of excuses. I’ll come up with plenty of reasons why my website is a mess.

They’d just better be creative ones.

Until next time…