I write historical tales under my own name and stories with a modern voice under the name K.D. Hays. Regardless of the setting, I love to find the humor in the situations that life throws at us.


It took me over three decades to realize I’d always wanted to be a novelist. When I was younger, I enjoyed acting, but one of the primary attractions was the desire to live in another moment that was more exciting than the one I was currently experiencing. As an actor, you get to try on the emotions and experiences of another person, but only to a limited degree. When you create those experiences for yourself as a writer, you really do get to live them. It is the ultimate form of escapism.


When I visit new places, particularly those where people have lived their lives for generations, I love to imagine the scenes that might have happened. That’s where my stories start. I hope you enjoy reading my books as I much as I enjoy writing them!