I got my very first ebook reader for Christmas and so did my daughter. Hers came with a lot of pre-loaded books, but mine did not. So, being cheap, I went online in search of free and 99₵ books.Books from Kate Dolan's library

And it wasn’t easy to find them, even though I know they’re out there. Oh I found books, just not many I wanted.

There were all sorts of subscription services that would alert me to free books–for a fee. Um, if I wanted to spend lots of money, I wouldn’t be looking for cheap books. So I said “no” to that idea.

Three of my own books are being offered for sale at 99₵, and frankly, I wish they all were. The goal for me is not to see how much money I can make per book, but to get books into as many people’s hands as possible. Some of those people will, hopefully, like my stories.

It is the publisher’s decision, not mine, to price books, and the ones that are more expensive are not necessarily any better. In other words, my 99₵ books are as good as anything else I’ve written, and I figure that’s the case for other authors, too.

I want to have a place to find those books. A place to find the cheap books that are worth having, or at least worth giving a closer look.

So I’m creating a “Value Menu” on my website for books priced $1.99 or less. These are books that I’m familiar with and I think are worth buying. Does it mean I’d give them a five star review? Not necessarily. It means I think they’re worth at least as much as a bag of McDonald’s French fries.

Please check back when you’re looking for a cheap read, and hopefully I’ll have something that sounds appealing.

Thanks for reading!