Who Was Eating out of That Manger Anyway? Animals at the Nativity

This year, as we looked over the collection and watched wobbling angels push shepherds off the edge of the table, my daughter asked what animals would actually have been at the nativity. She had her doubts about the turkey strutting around in the loft, as if thrilled that he had survived another Thanksgiving. I agreed that turkeys were unlikely since their native habitat is about 7,000 miles from Bethlehem. So, then I started to wonder what animals might really have been there eating out of that manger.

Ammonia Coke

At first, I thought I heard wrong. I could have sworn the state park employee behind the counter told a co-worker that she needed an “Ammonia Coke.” Being nosy, I had to ask. And I heard right. She wanted to head down to the local lunch counter for a “hand-pumped”...