Thanks for joining me! This is the official website for Kate Dolan and K.D. Hays, one writer with multiple writing personalities.

If you’d like to ask a question, learn about works in progress or new releases, or meet up with me at an event, stop by my Facebook page or drop me a note through my Contact page. I’m always honored that people take time from their busy lives to read and comment on my work, so I’m happy to take time to connect with you.


We live in a diverse world.  I like to use fiction as a way to explore different times and places. But sometimes, it’s fun just to read or write about the craziness of everyday modern life, too. My published fiction includes stories classified as

Regency Historical Romance

Historical Fiction

Cozy Mysteries

YA Fantasy

I am a history geek, so most often my blog “Living History” tells tales of the past discovered around us. But sometimes, I might talk about challenges in the modern world, my writing journey, or other important topics such as dogs and competitive jump rope.


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