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Gambling for Tupperware

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

Tupperware® is an icon of American suburbia and the Tupperware Party as classic as Jello® salad. But I had never been to a Tupperware party. So when a friend handed me an invitation, I eagerly accepted, even though I don’t generally like the “come to my house and buy stuff” type of gatherings.

This was a chance to take my rightful place among American housewives. I may live in a housing development, hold regular cookouts in the yard, drive a beat-up minivan and live off prepackaged convenience foods, but I could not call myself a real housewife until I had been to a Tupperware party.Kate Dolan's Hanging Cheesekeeper/Dogfeeder

Whether I wanted to call myself a real housewife never quite entered my mind. Because this was not an ordinary party, this was an “auction party” and there was all kinds of ways to win (fake Tupperware) cash and (Tupperware) prizes. My head was swimming with plastic possibilities. (more…)