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When the luck of the Irish fell off

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Even in broad daylight, Dunluce Castle is a rather eerie place. Stark stone ruins reach toward the sky like skeletal fingers digging up their way up out of the ground. But that description fits at least half the castle ruins in Ireland, a place where stone ruins are about as common as McDonalds golden arches are in America. Dunluce sits precariously on stone outcroppings high above the ocean, but that’s not terribly unusual in Ireland either. Maybe what gives Dunluce it’s unique mournful quality is the part of it that is not sitting precariously on stone outcroppings above the ocean–because it fell into the ocean during the middle of a party.Kate Dolan wrote about the collapse of Dunluce Castle

The tragedy has been embellished over time, so it’s hard to know exactly what happened that night. It was in 1639, a few years after the second Earl of Antrim took up residence in the castle. (more…)