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Jammed into something new

Tuesday, May 10th, 2016


When graphic designer Cory Gerard created an experimental iPhone game called “Jump Fuzzy Jump,” he never dreamed the trial venture would drag him into the world of competitive jump rope. And that’s because he’d never heard of competitive jump rope.  It’s not surprising – the sport is not exactly plastered all over TV screens and sports magazines.Kate Dolan supports Jump Rope Jam

But now he’s on a mission to change all that. Together with jumping expert Brandon Harrison, Gerard has started Jump Rope Jam, a media presence designed to raise public awareness of the sport of jump rope. Jump Rope Jam includes a website and regular podcasts with guest speakers, plus a blog, Instagram feed (@JumpRopeJam,) Facebook page and more.

How did someone who’d never heard of competitive jump rope suddenly find himself devoting substantial time and energy to help the sport gain recognition? (more…)

Why we love the Olympics even if we don’t like sports

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Even though Americans watch a lot of sports on TV, I think most of us watch the Olympics for the drama rather than actual athletics. Parents who groan at the prospect of sitting through their own children’s swim meets will glue their eyes to the television to catch the expression on Ryan Lochte’s face if he beats Michael Phelps in the 200 IM. Television shows us the drama of the competition up close—we see the relief and exultation when athletes succeed and the agony when they fail or, most heartbreaking of all, when they do their best and their best simply isn’t good enough.

a heat of double dutch power in the 2012 Junior Olympics

The Double Dutch Power event at the 2012 Junior Olympics in Houston

Watching the Olympics is especially poignant for me this year because I just had the opportunity to spend four days working on the floor at the Amateur Athletic Union’s Junior Olympic Games in Houston, TX. The athletes competing in these games are not as famous as those competing in London– though some of them eventually may be—and I’ll explain that later. (more…)