PLEASE NOTE: One of my publishers has announced it is closing and will not pay royalties owed for past or future sales. If you are interested in buying copies of my Regency stories published by EC Cotillion, contact me directly and I would be happy to offer them to you at a lower than list price. Once the new covers are ready and the books are re-edited,  they will be re-released and available again online. Thanks!

Books by Kate Dolan & K.D. Hays

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I write historical fiction and romantic comedy under my own name and contemporary books under the name K.D. Hays.

Although many of my stories are classified as romance, in the interest of full disclosure I should warn you that they show too much of the influence of humorists like P.G. Wodehouse to satisfy some true romance fans. (I can’t promise that the influence always succeeds in making the stories funny, but it pretty well ruins any chances of winning a Nobel Prize for World-Changingly-Serious Fiction.)

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Kate Dolan's romantic comedy A Certain Want of ReasonRoped In by Kate Dolan writing as K.D. HaysDeceptivebehavior_HiRescoverWorth its Weight in Old by K.D. Hays

Kate Dolan's A Not-So-Traditional Regency ChristmasK.D. Hays's Christian mystery George Washington Stepped HereRestitution-Cover-Front-resizedK.D. Hays & Meg Weidman's version of the Wizard of Oz

Kate Dolan's adventure Langley's ChoiceKate Dolan's pirate novel Avery's TreasureKate Dolan and Catherine Asaro's Corn Fed BluesKate Dolan's The Appearance of Impropriety

Of the books in historical settings, seven are lighthearted English Regency romances that may be too offbeat to please pure romance fans, but they are a lot of fun. A Certain Want of Reason, The Appearance of Impropriety and Deceptive Behavior feature a rather unconventional dysfunctional family and the friends who get sucked into their crazy world. Avery’s Treasure is pirate adventure – reckless, ridiculous and a little dangerous. Restitution is my most serious book, set in Maryland as colonists are choosing sides for the coming revolution. Langley’s Choice is what you get when you put Jane Austen type characters on the frontier of early colonial Maryland.

The books written under the name K.D. Hays feature modern settings. George Washington Stepped Here, Worth Its Weight in Old and Roped In are contemporary Christian mysteries with a little bit of romance and a lot of soccer-mom humor.  And Toto’s Tale explains what really happened on that trip to Oz with Dorothy.

Four of my Regency romance/comedy stories are a little shorter in length. Though they’re set during the Christmas season, the holiday seems to “provide an excuse for bad behavior” (as one character put it) as much as anything else. Bride of Belznickel takes a heroine from Maryland and shoves her unwillingly into Regency England where she eventually seeks revenge against some English cousins who are not so nice. It’s my first ghost story. Change of Address pairs more unconventional families as new neighbors and Sense of the Season sends a compulsive gambler to the poorhouse run by a former bully who terrorized him during their adolescent years (she’s the heroine, by the way). And Dinners with Mr. Danville brings back my most popular character, Helen,the creative thinker who drops eggs on people in the name of science.

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Contemporary Christian Mysteries
by K.D. Hays

George Washington Stepped Here (Karen Maxwell mystery #1)
Worth Its Weight in Old (Karen Maxwell mystery #2)
Roped In (Karen Maxwell mystery #3)

Regency Romantic Comedy
by Kate Dolan

A Certain Want of Reason (Love & Lunacy #1)
The Appearance of Impropriety (Love & Lunacy #2)
Deceptive Behavior (Love & Lunacy #3)
Dinners With Mr. Danville (Love & Lunacy #4)
Bride of Belznickel
Change of Address
Sense of the Season

Young Adult Fantasy by K.D. Hays

Toto’s Tale
(new book scheduled for release at the end of 2016)

Historical Fiction

Avery’s Treasure
Langley’s Choice

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